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Patrice Catanzaro fetish clothes



Defining Your Fetish Style

For more than 30 years, Patrice Catanzaro has dominated the designer fetish scene with provocative, sensuous designs to enhance desire. Catanzano has pioneered the use of "lacquer," a mixed media fabric with all the softness of well-oiled leather, the smoothness of latex, the suppleness of lycra and the shimmery shine of vinyl. Catanzaro's lacquer-based fetish wear can transform the mood of any room from the commonplace to the passionate.

About Patrice Catanzaro's Fetish Wear
The key to Catanzaro's international success with her limited edition, boutique fetish wear is found in the "second skin" quality of her designs. Comfortable enough to be worn for hours (even for the most sensitive skin types!), sensuous enough to slip off in seconds, Catanzaro's designs can go wherever your imagination takes you. From the dominatrix to the submissive, the in-your-face sexy to the furtively flirty, you can find your place within Catanzaro's "Feeling" collection of fetish fashions.

Assembling Your At-Home Fetish Wear Wardrobe
If you are new to shopping for fetish wear, you want to start with your basics. A bra or bustier can instantly ramp up desire for you and your partner. Add a g-string (or better yet, a g-string set!) and you've got enough to start mixing and matching for different moods. Next consider adding ankle socks or leg warmers for a vintage fetish look. For an even subtler vintage bedroom fetish look, check out our line of super sexy nighties and stockings.
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Fetish Wear for Going Out On the Town
One way to build towards your sexiest evening yet is to start out the night partying in fetish wear. Catanzaro's line of dresses (short and long), skirts and tank tops, and party shoes can gain you entree into the most exclusive night clubs. After getting your dance on, return home and slip into a garter belt and pair of hold-ups stockings - or a full body catsuit with riding crop might be more your style!

Accessorizing Your Fetish Wardrobe
Selecting the perfect fetish accessories can complete your fetish wardrobe. Consider pin-up fetish shoes for a vintage look, and party shoes for your clubbing nights. At home, sexy shoes or slip-ons might be just the ticket to a night of unfettered fetish bliss. And don't forget bracelets and bangles, belts and crops, headbands and necklaces, which can turn into props when the time is right. You may also want to nab a fetish bag while you're at it - pop a choker and handcuffs belt inside and none will be the wiser until the doors close behind you and your partner at last.

Defining Your Fetish Style
A big part of the pleasure that comes from fetishism is the opportunity to define your personal style and experiment to find what you most enjoy. For this reason, Patrice Catanzaro's boutique line of fetish wear includes retro and modern, vintage and pin-up, subtle and overt designs. If you see something new and provocative that catches your eye, consider it! This might just be the sign you've been waiting for to open you and your partner up to a whole new sexy world! You can always rely on Patrice Catanzaro to offer unique, totally original fetish fashions unlike any you will find in any other boutique. For help selecting the perfect fetish wear outfit to surprise your partner (and yourself!) browse our website and call us or email us anytime to ask questions and place your order.

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Monsieur Patrice Catanzaro, is a Frenchman of Italian descent, living and working in Marseille, France. Highly respected and well loved by all in the fashion industry, Learning his trade making creations primarily in leather and fur, his love of all things fetish made him look at the fetish fashions available and conclude that the fetish world needed him. His passion for fine fabrics that fit like a second skin and also his love of the female body led him to begin designing both fetish clothes and the fabric to show them off to their best advantage.
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Catanzaro style in Feeling-by-catanzaro.com will provide you. Its designed was fabricated with an exclusive use of “laquer - allying the aspect of leather and latex, the suppleness of the lycra and the brightness of vinyl, the designs are sumptuous and playful with a great definition.” that gives the brand a special quality, look and feel. Its items are unique that giving a fine and smooth, stretchy and light, which moulds to the skin that gives a naked feeling. The items drapes like raw silk, breathes, washables and creases drop out immediately. A supreme high quality fashion style that you won’t regret to have in your closet, Feeling-by-catanzaro.com offers a wide variety of items that includes: fetish clothing, sexy and seductive lingerie, crepe collection which are absolutely magnificent. Contact us if you have some question and we will be  happy to assit you. 



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