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Patrice Catanzaro fetish clothes



Patrice Catanzaro : Fetish Designer since 30 years

A must have garment for every fetish lover. Feeling-by-catanzaro.com offers you creatures of the night, an unforgettable suit that will make you sexy and sensual, wonderful objects of desire. Only the luckiest ones will deserve your dangerous attention. The designs are kinkier than the burlesque glamour that exclusively made use of “laquer – a mixed aspect of leather and latex, the suppleness of the lycra and the brightness of vinyl”, it is made of unique fine, smooth, light, stretchy material that fits giving a sexy feeling and becoming a second skin, making it exciting, enjoyable to wear. The designs are sumptuous and playful while portraying mysterious and sexy. The collection is bringing security and confidence that comes from within it’s a representation of elegance and style. If you have questions, dial our number and we are happy to serve you. In Feeling-by-catanzaro.com is giving a chance in turning a woman into a creature from another world.
Clary Sydney France
Clary sydney
7 rue des lilas
59127 Walincourt Selvigny
Phone : 09 70 46 50 60
Schedules : 15:00 - 19:00
SIRET 81466550100015- SAS au capital de 2 000€ - TVA : FR 35 81466550